How to arrange an fish tank

A pleasantly decoration for your room is a fish tank. This can relax you when you return from work, impress your guests and maybe turn into a enjoyable hobby. A nice diy project is how to arrange a fish tank by yourself in a nice afternoon and have fun in the process. This is not a cheap diy project so you’ll need some money.

Arranging a tank requires quite a lot of money invested, otherwise the fish will not survive and it’s a shame to choose just one dish in which to pour some randomly species.

Often, many people buy the most colorful fish, taking two from each species but they wonder why after 2, 3 weeks they begin to die.

Before buying an fish tank, think carefully where you wanna put it in the room. Be careful, the fish tank doesn’t have to sit by the window because sunlight will facilitate the emergence of algae. Also, don’t try to put it in the bedroom because the filter and pump make a small noise that may keep you up all night.

It’s best to choose a larger aquarium because so you you can ensure the fishes enough space for development. Try out a  72 or 100 liters fish tank. It will be great to choose one with cover to avoid unpleasant odor emitted by the water and protect the fish from the dust in the room.

Then is necessarily to buy a filter, a air pump and a heater. Do not skimp and  buy quality things because cheep parts will deteriorate in a few months.

Every part is important:

  • The filter will provide clean water and will always keep the water clear.
  • The pump will provide the necessary oxygen fish.
  • The heater is good when temperatures are low and fishes need heat.

Depending on what plants do you want to grow, choose earth or gravel turbine. When you buy these plants buy a few rocks for decoration too. You can also buy little castles or water stumps for your fishes.

After you got the fish tank the plants the parts and the rocks is time to arrange our fish tank.

First of all put the sand on the bottom of the fish tank. Then put on the filter, pump and heater. Next put stones and then pour a little water in the aquarium. Now is time to fix the plants. Fix then well in the sand. Then after the plants are fixed pour again water this time about three quarters of the tank. Let is stay this way for a week and just after that put the fishes in.

Also I forgot that the fish need light so buy a mixed neon that is suitable for both plants and fish. Let it in function the hole week before you put the fish in the fish tank to protect the plants.

After your fish tank is done the most important part is to chose the fish. Pick different species but try to buy species in different colors, sizes and that bear one another.

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